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Facebook privacy: Neither hard to get nor a big deal

I’m a little late to the party as far as talking about Facebook’s privacy issues goes, but no biggie. Let’s be honest about something up front, no what your personal stand on these issues is, you can’t say that the move was surprising. Facebook tried to use “pages” to get people to publicly flaunt their interests, but most people either didn’t use the feature, or didn’t use it in the way Facebook hoped. So, they took the next step and did away with private interests. Now, if you want to share with your friends that you love Dave Matthews and Dancing with the Stars, you have to make that knowledge public. On some aesthetic level, the compartmentalization of your interests into pre-created categories is somehow unappealing, but that’s about as far as I’m willing to complain. Purely from a privacy perspective, I really don’t think that companies being able to find out that we like this or that TV show is some death knell for our ability to express ourselves safely (but keep reading if you disagree with me, in the second to last paragraph I’ll offer you a way out).

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