1 Response to “Professional Choices, Moral Dilemmas”

  1. 1 chronic dissatisfaction April 7, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    more than one or two or three years ago, i wanted to be engaged in journalism for 2~3 years and go to US for a graduate school in comparative politics. my aim was quite simple: use this 2~3 years to understand China better through interviewing, communicating, debating and writing, then use more than 5 years to think about the big issues of life and cosmos, and later i could influence and enlighten more people, thus changing the world.

    later i realized the whole journalism environment here is quite negative—the mainstream journalists are sucking American government’s ass for no reasons. and producing ph.d thesis has no difference from producing toys in the factories of eastern coast. every field has its own rule. moreover, there are many people who want to change the world bear the tragedy ultimately, and they end up destroying the world.

    the world has no everlasting truth. every issue is controversial. The Crusades just wants to eradicate *vicious* world, G. Bush just wants to eradicate *terrorists*, and….Communism just wants to eradicate “unfairness and inequality”. sometimes the world becomes worse simply because there’s “someone” who wants to change the world. Yea, like Mao, who just simply wanted to eradicate bureaucracy, then he created culture revolution, then……

    chinese and western philosophy approaches are quite different. Confucianism and Taoism are basically contradictory to each other—Confucius encouraged people to go for government and serve the mass, while Lao encouraged people to leave government and keep itself far from the bad world, thus pursuing the inner satisfaction. Anyway, China ended up use Confucianism to purge people’s mind, and that’s why throughout history, many people do the things they don’t like, simply because it’s the “benevolence”,”ritual” or the rules Confucius instructs. But western idea is more individual-based, okay, if you are happy, just go for it. Like me, I want to do many things–live in brazil for 1 year, stay in tibet for 1 year, or marry a sailor for another 1 year, or whatever things i want to do…But I more and more feel the family pressure…I have parents behind me, especially my mother. I need to support her in many ways. i can’t be too selfish. This might be the Chinese *rule*. Also, this may be the reasons why we don’t have talents in literature, music and art, because everyone just keeps its own lifestyle and avoid being too crazy..

    but who knows…you can’t take control of life itself. the world changes too fast. i can’t even follow up.

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