Someone is right on the internet

Sometimes I worry that I post only when I disagree with someone, like this classic XKCD comic. So to make up for that, I thought that Roger Cohen’s column a couple days ago was interesting. Here’s the crux of Cohen’s argument:

I’d say China earns more respect from Obama for its clear if confrontational sense of strategic direction than Europe does for deference in the service of disarray.

Europe needs to get over America to discover itself. That discovery might provide a basis for strong ties going forward. To use Baloo’s memorable image in “The Jungle Book,” the old trans-Atlantic world is “gone, man, solid gone.”

My other periodic worry about my blogging is that I spend lots of time linking to content from the New York Times.  But the way I figure it, if the NYT wasn’t such a damn good paper, I’d stop linking to them quite so often. But they are, so I do.


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