Why tea parties? Why not coffee parties?

Just a quick note before I leave for our weekend trip to Lesotho: Why do Conservative Populists insist in having “tea parties”? They think they are referencing the famous Boston Tea Party of 1773, in which a band of colonists expressed their anger at British rule and the taxation of imports like tea, by boarding a ship transporting tea and dumping it in the harbor. The original Tea Partiers were really telling the British: “Screw your tea. If we can’t buy it at market prices, we don’t want it.” The point is that destroying tea became a symbol of American patriotism on that glorious night in 1773.

But in 2009, modern-day tea partiers actually wear tea bags, bring them to rallies, and mail them in to their members of congress. Waiving a tea bag, not destroying it, has become the Conservative Populists’ symbol of their own patriotism. That’s kind of weird, when you think about it. You can just hear the original ‘baggers of 1773 rolling over in their graves, saying “You’ve got it all backwards!”

If they’re just going to ignore the original symbolism anyway, they could have picked a better beverage. Coffee, perhaps. The drink of the common man, coffee is apparently consumed by 50% of Americans in an average of 4 cups per day. A good ol’ Cup o’ Joe – there’s nothing more American than that. I bet most of those tea partiers don’t even drink tea more often than a couple times a year. I mean, we’re not British for Christ’s sake!


Ok, with that I’m done. Have a good weekend, everyone!


1 Response to “Why tea parties? Why not coffee parties?”

  1. 1 davis November 6, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    I think the answer should be obvious — because they’re not very bright

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